Pneumatic Double Knife Valve ZSD674N-10C Carbon Steel

Pneumatic Double Knife Valve ZSD674N-10C Carbon Steel

Product Description.

The Round Pneumatic Dual Knife Valve is designed for dual cylinders and offers emphasis on a key selling point such as “unmatched wear resistance” or “superior sealing performance”. Knife gate valves are known for mentioning specific design features such as “precise control” or “easy maintenance” and are suitable for paper, chemical, food, waste and sewage treatment plants.

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Technical Highlights.

  • Construction features: [Round inlet and outlet, double-sided metal sealing, with 2 valve plates. Reliable and fast closure of the slag discharge area is ensured by having 2 valve plates close to the center, with surface treatment for wear parts].
  • Performance Parameters: [Describe the performance parameters of the valve, e.g. “Maximum flow rate” or “Pressure range”].
  • Dimensions and connections: Available from [DN100]to [DN600], adapted to [20592-2009 or DIN EN 1092-1, PN 10].
  • Ease of operation: [Describe the ease of operation, such as “one-handed operation” or “remote control compatibility”].

Customization Options.

  • Material selection: [Stainless steel 304, 316, or carbon steel].
  • Actuator: [Pneumatic].
  • Accessories and additional functions: [Limit switches, solenoid valves, pressure reducing valves].

Application: The [Double Knife] Knife Gate Valve has demonstrated its superior performance in [paper industry light and heavy duty reject tanks, pulpers], demonstrating the [Double Knife] Knife Gate Valve’s commitment and specialization to [a specific application or customer need].

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