Electric carbon steel flange ball valve Q941F-16C

Electric carbon steel flange ball valve Q941F-16C

Product Overview:

Electric flange ball valve is designed for remote control and automation control. Powered by electric energy, the gear system inside the actuator is driven by the motor to make the ball valve cut off or regulate to realize the control of media flow.

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Key Features:

– [Main feature 1, intelligent control: electric female thread ball valve with intelligent control function, can realize remote control, automatic adjustment, to meet the demand for precise control of industrial production].

– [Main feature 2, Precise adjustment: The electric actuator can accurately adjust the position or angle of the device according to the size of the control signal, realizing precise control.]

– [Main feature 3, Remotely controllable: By connecting with the control system, the electric actuator can be remotely controlled for easy operation and monitoring.]

– [Main Feature 4, High Reliability: Electric actuators are motor-driven with high reliability and stability, capable of stable operation for a long time.]

– [Main feature 5, blocking self-recovery function: when the actuator open signal, if the valve does not move within 3S (that is, the actuator does not move), our actuator will automatically report the blocking fault, and at this time, if you give the shutdown valve signal, you can smooth the actuator shutdown valve action. In this way, the blocking will be lifted, thus realizing the self-recovery function of blocking. If the valve is blocked in the process of opening the valve, do not give the signal to close the valve, then the actuator has been reported to blocking fault.]

Technical Details:

– Actuator/Drive: [Electric actuator is designed for high-precision gear drive, powered by AC220V, AC380V or DC24V supply voltage, accepting (4-20mA, or 0-10VDC) current signal or voltage signal inputted by industrial automation instrumentation control system].

– Connection method: [Flange connection, national standard, American standard, German standard flange optional] – Passage type: [2-way full bore]

– Working pressure: [up to 10 bar]

– Principle of operation: [Controlled by 90° rotational movement of the actuator]

Security and Maintenance:

The [electric flange ball valve] can be [fully open, fully closed, or held in three states] in the case of [loss of power signal]. At the same time, the product design takes into account [fire prevention and anti-static, optional high temperature and low temperature resistance]. Maintenance is easy with [regular inspection of the ball valve’s appearance and connecting parts].

Remarks and Recommended Use: When selecting this product, please refer to the technical data, pictures and follow the instructions in the data sheet for proper use.

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