Pneumatic 3-way female threaded ball valve Q615F-16P, T-type

Pneumatic 3-way female threaded ball valve Q615F-16P, T-type

Product Overview:

Pneumatic 3-way female threaded ball valve is designed to divert fluid medium into two or more pipelines. Its actuator realizes fluid reversal, diversion or merging by 90° rotary action or 180° rotary action.

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Key Features:

– Main features1, compact structure, small volume, light weight

– Main characteristics 2, rapid opening and closing, smooth flow channel, small fluid resistance

– Main characteristic 3, good sealing performance, no leakage

– Main feature 4, a valve multi-purpose, any channel can be used as an inlet without leakage, tee can be made into both L-type channel, can also be made into T-type channel.

– Key feature 5, good economics and low maintenance costs

Technical Details:

– Actuator/Drive: Pneumatic actuator is double-piston rack-and-pinion design, double-acting/single-acting optional.

– Connection: female threaded connection, RC thread, G thread, NPT thread optional] – Passage type: L-type or T-type

– Working Pressure: Up to 10 bar.

– Principle of operation: Control by 90°/180° rotation of the actuator.

– Compatibility and standards: The product fully complies with international standards such as ISO 5211, DIN 3337, MAMUR and others.

Security and Maintenance:

Pneumatic 3-way female threaded ball valves can [remain in place or spring reset under air source failure/power failure. At the same time, the product design takes into account fire prevention and anti-static, optional high and low temperature resistance. Easy maintenance, after the system is depressurized, the whole valve body can be inspected and maintained without removing it.

Remarks and Recommended Use: When selecting this product, please refer to the technical data, pictures and follow the instructions in the data sheet for proper use.

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