Pneumatic round inlet and square outlet valve ZYF673H-10P Stainless steel

Pneumatic round inlet and square outlet valve ZYF673H-10P Stainless steel

Product Description.

Pneumatic round inlet and square outlet valves are designed for round inlets and square outlets. Smaller inlets (round) and larger outlets (square) and protected guides provide a variety of sealing types and surface treatment of wear parts to ensure reliable closure of the work area] are designed to provide “unsurpassed wear resistance” or “superior sealing performance. “. Known for its “precision control” or “ease of maintenance”, this knife gate valve is suitable for the paper industry, cleaning equipment, heavy duty waste, sand traps, general heavy duty waste discharge, and recycling companies.

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Technical Highlights.

  • Constructional characteristics: [In the case of rubber seals (SBR), sealing is carried out by inserting a sealing strip. Rubber seals can also be used for flange connections on the inlet side of the installation. brozen’s guides are positioned in such a way that the passing medium cannot accumulate in these guides. At the end of the guides there is a larger free area so that the medium is not pressed together inside the valve. Square outlets were chosen in order to allow the valve to discharge well]. .
  • Performance Parameters: [Describe the performance parameters of the valve, e.g. “Maximum flow rate” or “Pressure range”].
  • Dimensions and connections: Available from [DN150]to [DN500], adapted to [20592-2009 or DIN EN 1092-1, PN 10].
  • Ease of operation: [Describe the ease of operation, such as “one-handed operation” or “remote control compatibility”].

Customization Options.

  • Material selection: [Stainless steel 304, 316, or carbon steel].
  • Actuator: [Pneumatic].
  • Accessories and additional functions: [Limit switches, solenoid valves, pressure reducing valves].

Applications: The [Round In/Out] Knife Gate Valve has demonstrated its superior performance in [paper industry, chemical plants, food industry, waste and sewage treatment plants], reflecting the commitment and expertise of the [Round In/Out Valve] for [specific applications or customer needs].

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